The Studio

If outdoor, or in home session isn't what you have in mind, don't worry! I have a private photography studio that is ready for you! Here in my studio I carry a forever growing client closet and photography prop set ups for clients to use for their sessions.

My photography studio is a little bungalow house that I gutted and renovated to create the perfect space to create art, with my personal favourite - modern boho vibe. It is located on my parents acreage, surrounded by gorgeous trees with a view seeing the sunset every evening, just outside of Redvers. It is a location that can offer beautiful indoor and outdoor photography options in one setting. Join me in my happy place; Have a coffee by the fireplace and watch me do my thing wrapping your sweet new baby. Cuddle on the bed with your kiddos and watch them jump and play. Feeling like you need a you only session? Come stretch out on the white velvet couch. The setups and photoshoot options are endless!