Hey, I'm Kristin.

Hey, I'm Kristin.

Welcome to my website! If you are here, I imagine you most likely found me first on Instagram, maybe Facebook? Now you are here to find out more about me, my business, and of course, my pricing.

So, let me start off with saying thank you for liking my style, and for whatever source that brought you to my website! I greatly appreciate it!

Now where to begin? Well, first off my name is Kristin Dumaine, I am married to the love of my life, Francis Lamotte, but I kept my last name. Which has now led to most people mixing myself and my husband up with each others names. We don't mind though, call us either or! We have a daughter named Atlas Daisy Lamotte, we chose her name after our love for travelling, with the hopes of gifting her the same joy, chase and love for adventure and travel. We have been to many places around the world before we met, together as a couple, and we hope to do many grand adventures with our daughter as well! So if you are a potential client here looking to see if I will travel, the answer is always YES!

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about art. It took me a while to find my career/ schooling path after high school, but I knew the best way to find happiness and success is to focus on my passions and I am very fortunate that the path I chosen has been well worth it thus far. I absolutely love being apart of wonderful peoples special moments in life, capturing pure happiness. Creating art of human experiences, knowing that those photos will be looked at by generations here and still to come is absolutely incredible to me. So if you will let me, I would be honoured to guide you through an experience where you will make a joyful memory to look back on in the days and years to come.

I want to be able to sit in my old age looking back at album with all my best memories. My goal is for you to have the same.

My family and I love life in small town Redvers, Saskatchewan. During the warm months of spring to fall we are busy with mine and my husbands businesses (photography and grain farming). With the little free time we get in these warm months we like to take advantage of going camping and soaking in the sunshine at the beach. Winter is when we take full advantage of relaxation indoors where it's warm, with Netflix and hot chocolate in the evenings. However, when we get the chance we do like to venture out to the mountains to hit the ski slopes and hot springs! Pre parent and pandemic days we would fly somewhere hot most winters, hopefully we will get to do that again sooner than later!

We aren't a family with regular scheduled routines in our day, but I can tell you a few things that are regularly occurring in each day. We always start our day with a morning coffee, the house is rarely perfectly clean. Laundry and dishes just never seem to be "finished", and there is always plenty of dog hair and toys right back onto the floor the minute I finished cleaning it all up.

If I have learned anything about marriage and parenting, it is to not stress about the mess, especially when there's something more important on your list of things to do. The messy fairy always comes back the next morning to everyone's houses no mater who you are! So enjoy each day doing whatever makes you happiest. And if cleaning and cooking is what makes YOU happiest, feel free to come over to my house anytime! Ha!

My goal is to capture moments of real authentic emotion, so you can look back at a great moment in time, not just a stylish picture.

Ten Things about Myself

1) I can't resist anything chocolate

2) I prefer mountains over beach, but both relax me and make me happy

3) Photographing everything gives me joy, but newborns, toddlers, and baby bumps warm my heart in the most magical ways.

4) I am not a morning person, I rather stay up till midnight and wake up at 9am

5) When I don't know what to watch on Netflix, stand up comedies are always a successful go to.

6) I don't garden but I did plant potatoes in a flowerbed last summer for the first time ever and it went well, so I might start a small hobby garden (Atlas really loved digging the potatoes out so it will be "her" garden)

7) My favourite band is The Lumineers - Sleep on the Floor was our wedding song.

8) Another art form I love is abstract paintings, I have started painting as a hobby for myself. Maybe someday that will grow as well.

9) We went on a road trip through the States for our honeymoon after our desert Vegas wedding. Seeing camper vans everywhere inspired us to buy an old camper van and flip it for ourselves.

10) It was three days before the pandemic caused the closure of the boarders and almost everything that was normal in the world, that we found out we were pregnant with our daughter. Which caused for a pretty crazy pregnancy and first couple years of parenting.

Like what you're seeing so far?

I hope you like what you've read about me so far! If you would like to learn more about me, feel free to keep scrolling through my website, social medias, email me, or even better book a session and let's hangout! I am always looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends!